The Problem

The secondary market for apparel, shoes, and collectables is an extremely lucrative market for resellers that is valued at close to $27 Billion, with an annual growth rate of 39%. Items often achieve 50-100% return on investment for sellers over an average holding period of six months.

Although this is a fast growing and lucrative market, funding resources are generally not available to resellers and come with large capital requirements.

The Solution

Virgo Financing provides the first comprehensive P2P lending platform design to guide resellers through every step of the funding process. We break the barrier to entry for resellers by allowing them to become profitable sooner by helping them obtain capital from investors.

Minimal Capital Requirements

Our credit lines allow users to buy and resell high-value goods with no initial investment of their own. Credit lines are determined through a credit check, with far more accommodating terms than other major lenders.

Easy and Reliable Storage

After securing the purchase, goods are shipped to our facilities and stored for the duration of the transaction. Users have unlimited access to space and do not require any storage capacity of their own.

Market Insight & Procurement

We provide access to market knowledge of recently successful transactions as well as upcoming demand in notable items. Users can quickly gain ideas, information, and insights into a variety of exclusive markets.

Complete Set of Financial Tools for Resellers

Virgo Financing is comprehensive P2P lending platform that gives insight and analytic tools to resellers to help them with both funding and selling decisions.

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Market Dynamicsand Analysis Tools

Our iPhone and Android web application provides resellers with powerful market analysis tools, in addition to our funding platform, that helps propel their success and secure investments.

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